We’re Here To Help Carriers And Your Owner Operators Succeed!

At Big Star Finance we specialize in Carrier Partnership Programs to put your drivers in new well maintained equipment.
Our unique programs help your new and existing owner operators succeed in today’s environment.
With non-traditional credit requirements we can get your drivers into their own trucks and assist them along the
way with repair loans and business financing to keep their trucks on the road.

Fast and Easy Underwriting

The Big Star Carrier Lease-Purchase programs will get your drivers in a new truck fast and with drive-off costs as low
as $1,500. In-house underwriting will get your driver approved in less than 24 hours and on the road in under a week.

When your transport company partners with Big Star, we can overlook poor credit scores, past Bankruptcy and repossessions.
Our product doesn’t require the typical “A or B” Credit Profile. We factor in your drivers' future income and success working for you.

Once your Driver is on the Road

Unlike other Finance companies, once your driver is in the truck, Big Star continues to provide support with a warranty
up to 4 years/480k miles covering engine, transmission, differentials and those pesky after-treatment systems.

If your driver is short on operating capital, we step in with a maintenance account that will help get
repairs, fuel, insurance, hotel stays or any business expense taken care of and keep the business running.

We also provide Nationwide 24/7 roadside assistance to each of our customers to take care of minor repairs or to
get the truck in and out of the shop faster.

Keep Your Drivers Longer

Truck repairs, truck maintenance and driver turnover, in addition to the trucks themselves, can be expensive and strain
financially and mentally. Put your capital to use by expanding your business and partnering with Big Star for financing
trucks, trailers, repairs and maintenance. We can help you incentivize your Owner Operators to stick with you.

Discounted Drive off costs and Monthly Payments

When you partner with Big Star, your Owner-Operators win too!
Because they drive for you, we will discount drive-off costs and lower monthly payments
plus offer other incentives to keep your drivers happy and dedicated to driving for you!

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