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Who We Are

We believe we are the ultimate partner to Owner-Operators because we are there from start to finish.

We offer great services, and we are committed to enhancing our offerings for your benefit!

Why Buy from Us

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We purchase quality semi trucks with low mileage. Our trucks go through a 130-point inspection by W.W. Williams!

Every truck comes with PM work completed as well as an oil change, fluid flush and a DPF cleaning.

Our tires have 16/32 tread depth or greater and the brakes are less than 50% worn, making our trucks DOT ready!


We don’t just offer quality trucks, we stand behind them! We offer a warranty for the big ticket items, like engine and transmission rebuilds during the term of your financing, up to 3 Years. We don’t outsource the warranty to a 3rd party, we do it ourselves, and we’re always just a phone call away.


We are here to help ensure that your truck keeps running smoothly. We help you to maintain your truck with our Truck Expense Account. We have a national account with W.W. Williams and pass along discounts directly to you.


Through W.W. Williams’ Wheel Time Network, you have hundreds of service facilities across the country to serve you. If you get work done at one location, the warranty for said work is honored by any of the hundreds of other Wheels Time Locations. We also offer 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance.