Mechanic Partners

Big Star finances repairs around the country at the best shops we can find!

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Mechanic Partners

Big Star offers a Truck expense account and Warranty to all of our customers. As maintenance and repairs are needed, we direct our customers to our network of Mechanics across the nation. Also, we offer repair financing to new customers with clear titles on their equipment.

We pride ourselves on keeping our trucks on the road, so our customers have expense accounts and warranties with Big Star and call us first when they need maintenance and repairs paid for. We are always looking for the best mechanics at the best rates all over the country. Contact us at 888-411-1033 to give us some information about you and we will add you to our network and refer our trucks to your shop when they are in the area.

Repair Financing

Truck repairs can be expensive and Big Star has Repair loan financing to help your customers pay those expenses and get back on the road. We offer a low 18% APR, fast approvals and finance options for all credit profiles.

Driver Requirements:

  1. Clean Title for commercial equipment
  2. No Child support
  3. No BK within the past 2 years
  4. No repossessions in the past 2 years
  5. No minimum Credit score (avg. credit score is high 500’s

In house financing and approvals in 24 hours. We will even pay you to install a gps unit for us