About Big Star Finance

We Serve Truckers Coast to Coast With Our Simple, No Surprise Finance Program

Our Mission

We do not believe that a credit score should be the deciding factor as to whether or not you can pay for a semi truck! While we run your credit, it is only a small part of our underwriting decision. We believe if we can help keep you on the road, you will in turn make your payments!

We acquire trucks from across the country that meet our extensive vetting process, which includes a pre-purchase in-person inspection; and a full service from W.W. Williams, including a 130-point inspection, oil change, fluid flush, and all other necessary preventative maintenance.

We are different from our competition because we don’t just say we offer quality trucks, we stand behind them. We offer a Truck Expense Account and Warranty with every truck we finance. We fulfill the preventative maintenance, service, and warranty through W.W. Williams’ Wheels Time Network, which includes hundreds of service centers across the country.

We believe we are the ultimate partner to Owner-Operators because we are there from start to finish. We offer great services, and we are committed to enhancing our offerings for your benefit!

What We Offer

Here is what you can expect from Big Star:

  1. Low monthly payments
  2. Low drive-off payment
  3. Work where you want — any U.S. carrier is acceptable
  4. No games, no surprises
  5. Options! Purchase your truck, or trade up!